Jesus lived with his disciples 24/7 and we believe some of the most amazing life change happens when students can live in a Christian environment.  Thrive was founded with the vision of seeing inner-city youth blossom by way of being planted in a safe, loving, Christian home. 
You can only become what you have a vision for.  Most kids in the neighborhood grow up in broken homes where marriages are rare and domestic violence, substance abuse, and sexual promiscuity are common.  It is in this context that the light is Christ shines bright and kids are able to experience what life can look like when Jesus is at the center.  

We find young, on fire married couples to serve as house parents.  Meet our current house parents, CJ & Chloe, below!



CJ and Chloe are the current house parents and they are LOVED by the kids.  Students are constantly wanting to be around this couple because they feel the love of Jesus from CJ and Chloe.  CJ has a background in music production and has worked with the kids for the last 2 years in a program Studio Grind.  
This young couple has made the amazing choice to share their lives with kids, pouring into them daily.  They run an awesome house schedule that gives the kids structure, community, and a safe place to learn, grow and develop.